Unboxing and Setting Up Your DIGIBox TV Box: Tips and Tricks
By DIGIBox TV Box | 07 June 2024 | 0 Comments

Unboxing and Setting Up Your DIGIBox TV Box: Tips and Tricks

 Welcome to our guide on making the most out of your TV box! In this blog post, we'll start with unboxing, cover its specifications, show the ports, and guide you through the setup process. Finally, we'll share some tips and tricks to enhance your experience.

 I'm going to show you some tips and tricks for you to make the most of your TV box, and then I'm going to show you the usual like unboxing it, I'm going to talk about its specifications and show you the ports, and I'm going to also show you how to set it up. so let's start by unboxing it, let's open the box and look this is everything you got in the Box, you have a user manual, the remote control power adapter HDMI cable, and the TV box. let me show you the ports of this TV box on the back, you have an infrared port in case you want to add an external remote control, you have an AV port which is an ethernet port, and this one is HDMI audio Optical, and this is a DCN and on the side of the TV box you have the TF card input, and four USB ports for the specifications, it has the arm cortex a53 quad-core CPU, it has a GPU that is Mali g31 and has 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, and 64 GB of internal storage the maximum resolution, it supports is 6k at 30 frames per second, but the normal users that you're going to use it on is 4K 60 frames per second, which is also supported by the ethernet port speed of 100 megabits per second, and it has a dual Wi-Fi band is 6 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, and it has Bluetooth 5.2 and the operating system is Android 12, so now I installed two AAA batteries in the remote control. 

that is by the way a Bluetooth remote control. and we're going to start the TV box for the first time. We're going to set it up, so now I'm plugging in the TV box for the first time, and here it is starting, the first thing it will ask you to do is to pair the remote control with the TV box. Hence, you need to press the volume down button and the okay button simultaneously for 3 seconds, and it will pair
automatically, and here it is paired. I'm going to go to next with the remote control, and then here you need to choose your language, so for me, I'm going to keep it on English, choose next and here
you need to connect your TV box to Wi-Fi if you didn't connect it with the ethernet cable here, it is the case for me, so I'm going to connect it to Wi-Fi, I'm going to select setup Wi-Fi, and here you need to select your Wi-Fi network, and I'm going to put the password for my Wi-Fi network. so after you put the wi-fi password select the check mark on the keyboard, and it will connect to your Wi-Fi network, so here it is connected successfully, so now select next and this is a disclaimer feel free to read it, and then after you read it you need to select complete, so this is the startup screen after you set up the TV box for the first time, you see it is empty.

 If you scroll down you have some options here, and you have the Play Store where you can go and install applications. so here you need to sign in with your Google account. I'm going to go to the Play Store here I already signed in, and I installed two applications blueto TV and YouTube now, I'm going to show you the tips and tricks that I told you about in the beginning of this video, I'm going to go to the home screen and the first one I'm going to show you is how to add shortcuts to the home screen, so here you see you have empty shortcuts and if you want to start something fast you need to add it to the home screen, so select one of the places and then on your remote control press okay and here select the application you want, so here you have applications that are installed and here of course you need to log in with your username and account to every streaming service so that you can view it, here I'm going to add for instance the YouTube application, press okay and I'm going to go back by pressing back on the remote control, and here I'm going to add another application that is the bluetoo free TV application, so you see here you can start them automatically from the home screen. I'm going to start YouTube just to show you and here's YouTube started. so I'm going to go back now to the home screen and show you the next tip.
 The next tip I want to show you is how to install an internet speed test, so that you see the speed of the internet that this TV box is getting, you see you have shortcuts on the top here, so the second one is an internet speed test, it is not installed by default once you select it, it will ask if you want to install it? I'm going to select in install and wait for it to install, so now the internet speed test is installed, let's start it, to start it you need to go to the apps on your TV box, so the apps are hidden by my camera, here I'm going to move my camera and then here's the internet speed test, and here simply select start test on your remote control with the okay button, and here's the speed test starting so here, it will give you an idea if you can stream like 4K movies and even 8K movies if your internet speed will allow it, I have an internet speed of 120 megabits per second download and 20 megabits per second upload, so you see the results on the top of the screen, you see that I can stream any resolution even up to 8K, and you notice that the DIGIBox TV box is getting the full speed of my internet connection, so let's go back to the home screen, and the next step I want to show you is how to configure an application to to start up automatically when you start the TV box, so for instance if you have a VPN connection or even if you want to start any application like YouTube, Here you go to the self starting Management on the top, and you select it and here you select the application you wanted to start when you start the Digital TV box, so here I'm going to select YouTube and then I'm going to press back, wherever you restart your TV box or you start it after you power It Off, YouTube will start automatically. 
 The Next Step I'm going to show you is how to assign quick launch applications to these buttons on the remote control, here so you have orange and red buttons on the remote control, and you can assign a quick launch application to these buttons, let's go to the quick launch application which is here set quick launch select it, and it will tell you red button and orange button, so select the no app set the red square, and here you can assign the application you want, I'm going to select for instance YouTube, and for the orange I'm going to select the internet speed test, so here whenever you press red on your remote control, YouTube will start automatically, let me show you, this is the red button on my remote control. I'm going to press it and you're going to notice that YouTube started automatically. and if I go to the home screen and then press the orange button, the internet speed test will start automatically. also now the step I want to show you is how to check the time zone and set it in case it is not correct, so here I am in GMT minus 5 so this is the Eastern time. let's go to the settings, here at the end which is more settings and selected, here You have time, so select a time and here it is on China Standard time which is not my time zone, so I'm going to change it, I'm going to select this here and I'm going to select minus5, here it is the Eastern stand time, I'm going to select it now, 
 let me tell you what I like and what I don't like in this TV box from DG box, first I like the fact that it has a modern GPU which is the Mali g31, it has good RAM for 4 games, and also it has a good amount of storage which is the 64 GB, also I like its remote control, it is stylish well made and it works flawlessly, and it is Bluetooth. what I don't like about it is that it has an old CPU which is the arm cortex a53, but the performance is adequate especially because of the 4 GB RAM and because of the modern GPU.
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