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For any other queries, please contact our online customer support agent or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

「 About DIGIBOX」

What is a TV box? What is a DIGI TV box?

➤. A TV box is a type of TV internet terminal device that has been popular since 2012. It is also called an Internet playback machine, Internet HD player, TV companion, TV box, network TV set-top box, network set-top box, etc., and is often referred to as a "box." The operating system of this device is usually based on tvOS Android or Linux and is connected to the Internet through a wireless network such as WiFi or a physical connection such as Ethernet. After connecting to the Internet, it can achieve online on-demand, online TV live broadcast, web browsing, application installation, game playing, and even project photos and videos from your mobile phone or tablet onto the big-screen TV at home.
➤. DIGIBOX is a trusted brand that develops high-quality, innovative TV boxes. With cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces, DIGIBOX offers a superior entertainment experience. To use our box, plug it into your TV, connect with Wi-Fi or Ethernet, supported by third-party software, and more without paying for cable, allowing you to watch over
1,200+ TV channels, 30,000+ VOD, PPV sports events, and more.

Are you an authorized dealer of DIGI Technology?

➤. Yes, we are the official authorized dealer of DIGI Technology. Our authorization code is US2024012301, which can be verified on the DIGI official website. Please rest assured to buy. ➥Click to learn more
➤. All DIGI TV boxes are authorized for sale by the DIGI Technology company, with a strict quality appraisal.
Products purchased from our website will provide professional customer service for you. We aim to let customers buy easily and use it happily!
Please check whether the dealer you are buying from has an official DIGI certificate of authorization. Beware of fake and inferior products.

Where can I buy the DIGI TV box?

➤. You can purchase DIGIBox directly from our official website - www.digitvbox.com. We offer worldwide shipping and a hassle-free purchasing experience, so you can start enjoying your DIGI TV Box in no time.
➤. We are the official authorized online store of DIGI Technology, offering 100% original products and a quality guarantee. Please feel free to buy directly on our website, thank you. ➥Click to learn more
➤. Considering the after-sales service and guarantee of the product, please purchase from the official authorized dealer of DIGI to avoid buying from unscrupulous merchants just because of the lower price. Otherwise, there will be no technical support and warranty, and the box will be locked, causing it to be unusable.

「 About Buy DIGI TV Box」

What is the difference between DIGI TV Box and other brand products in the market such as EVPAD, Unblock Tech and SviCloud?

➤. DIGIBox stands out for its superior performance, user-friendly interface, and extensive selection of free TV channels. With its sleek design and advanced features, it's the ultimate choice for anyone seeking a hassle-free streaming experience.
➤. The difference with the DIGI TV box is that it has its independent app called 【CAT TV】,【CAT VOD】,【CAT Back】and its server is located in Hong Kong. This ensures smooth playback and unrestricted content.
➤. Compared to other TV box brands, DIGI TV box has absolute advantages in product experience, stability, functionality, user reputation, and market share. It is the preferred Android smart TV box brand for people worldwide. Click to learn more

What TV channels can be watched on the DIGI TV box?

➤. The third-party APP STORE application supports national, local, sports, Canadian, American, Mexican, NFL, MLB, NHL, NSPN+, BTN+, PPV, FloSports…You can watch over 1,200+ TV channels, 30,000+ VOD, PPV sports events, and more. All are 100% free, with No Ads and no monthly fee.
➤. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or a movie buff, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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How do I set up my DIGIBox?

➤. Setting up your DIGIBox is quick and easy. Simply connect it to your TV, follow the on-screen instructions, and within minutes, you'll be ready to start enjoying your favorite shows and movies. Click to learn more

Any requirements for using DigiBox?

➤. You just need a TV/monitor with an HDMI port, and a wifi/ethernet network connecting to DigiBox, and then it works. We recommend an over 30mbps network for smooth streaming.

Does DIGIBox require a subscription?

➤. No, Never! No, DIGIBox does not require any subscription fees. Once you've purchased the device, you'll have access to all its features and content free of charge, with no monthly fees or hidden costs.
➤. After purchasing the DIGI TV box, you do not need to pay any additional fees! No Monthly Subscription Fees!

Do I need a VPN to use DigiBox?

➤. It is not compulsory to have a VPN to use DigiBox. If you use 3rd party apps often / need to change the location for a service area with apps like Netflix, we recommend having one.

Can I install my Apps on DigiBox?

➤. Yes absolutely. DigiBox is highly compatible with the Google Android TV system. We recommend downloading all official apps from the Google Play Store to ensure they work properly. For some 3rd party apps out of the Google Play Store, you can visit the Market on Home Page. We have added some common 3rd party apps in the Market for easy downloading and installation. Click to learn more

How to uninstall Apps on DigiBox?

➤. On the 1st row of the Home page, Settings, Apps, select the app(s) you want to uninstall, and click Uninstall.

Is it illegal to buy or sell a DIGI TV box?

➤. The TV boxes we sell are all certified by NCC and BSMI and comply with regulations. They are completely legal, so please rest assured.
➤. The TV box products purchased from our store can be used with peace of mind, and we guarantee that there is no built-in illegal software. The sales process and after-sales service are completely legal, and consumers can use them in personal places without any doubts about legality.

What internet speed do I need to use DigiBox?

We recommend an over 30 Mbps network speed for a good streaming experience. We also recommend an Ethernet hardwire network over a Wi-Fi network for a stable and fast network.

What type of TF card can be used and the maximum storage?

➤. You can insert a TF card to expand the storage. It supports FAT format with 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64 GB. However, apps must be installed on the device to use (in the APK file).

Would the video quality be poor when playing on DIGI TV box?

➤. DIGI TV box are currently the three most stable brands in the market. The quality of your viewing experience may be affected by the stability of the background server of individual software, the network quality of your environment, or the screen resolution quality of your TV.
➤. In addition, some users may pursue high-quality 4K images. To enjoy a 4K viewing experience, all three conditions of "the source output is 4K", "the TV screen supports 4K or above", and "the network speed is above 25Mbps" must be met.

How long can I use the DIGI TV box? Will there be a day when it suddenly stops working?

➤. Generally, under healthy usage, the lifespan of the TV box can be as long as five years or even more. Healthy usage means turning it off immediately when not in use, not continuously playing for an excessively long time (over 10 hours), and keeping the environment from being too humid or too hot, etc.
➤. During the warranty period of the TV box, any abnormality that is not caused by human factors can be repaired free of charge. We can also provide services for out-of-warranty machines. Please feel free to contact us.

Can I get a discount for repurchasing multiple DIGI TV boxes?

➤. Yes, you can. Please get in touch with us and let us know the model and quantity you need to order, and we will provide you with the corresponding discount. Thank you.
➤. In addition, if you join us and become a salesperson for DIGI TV boxes in your area, please contact us. We will actively cooperate with you and welcome you to join us, to be our DIGI agent. ➥
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I have bought other products before, but I need to pay for viewing after using them for a while. Is it the same for DIGI?

➤. No, it's not. You only need to pay for the DIGI TV box once, and you can watch it permanently without paying again.
➤. The【CAT TV】live broadcast software and UB video-on-demand software provided by DIGI TV box are permanently free, and technical personnel updates them daily. Any problems will be fixed!

Where can DIGI TV box be used overseas, and how long does it take to receive the product after purchase?

➤. Developed by a professional team, it is designed for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas markets. It can be used in countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe without geographical restrictions.
➤. We offer free global express delivery (DHL, FedEx, UPS). Generally, the product can be delivered worldwide within 3 to 7 working days (DHL, FedEx, UPS). ➥
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How can I be a DIGI sales agent? What's your agency policy? How to become a distributor of DIGI?

➤. Becoming a DIGI-authorized reseller is the perfect place to get started if you're interested in becoming an agent or distributor of our state-of-the-art TV box.
➤. We are always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic partners to join our network of agents and distributors. As a DIGI distributor, you'll have access to a range of benefits, including competitive pricing, comprehensive training, and ongoing support from our experienced team. You'll also have access to our extensive network of customers, providing you with a significant market to tap into. ➥
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「 About After-Sales 」

Is there any product warranty?

➤. We warrant our product for 1 year. If there’s any hardware issue, you can contact your seller for replacement/repair.

Can I get a refund if not satisfied?

➤. It depends on your seller’s policy. Please confirm with them before purchasing.

Can the DIGI TV Box automatically upgrade?

➤. The product will be upgraded irregularly. Every time you start the TV box for the first time each day, the system will automatically detect whether there is new software. If there is, a prompt to upgrade will appear. If you want to upgrade, just choose to upgrade.

What operating system does the DIGI TV Box use?

➤. It uses the Android 12.0 system and supports Android system software. You can freely install Android applications such as games and video software.

How to connect the DIGI TV Box? What are the requirements for the TV? Can I use an old TV?

➤. The current mainstream TV uses an HDMI interface. (Please check if your TV has an HDMI interface.) Connect the TV box to the TV through HDMI.
➤. You can use an HDMI conversion cable to connect to an old TV. In addition to a TV, you can also use other display devices such as computer monitors and projectors.

What are the payment methods available?

➤. We support international credit cards, WeChat/Alipay, Western Union, Atome, and other payment methods. ➥ Click to learn more

How to reset the DIGI TV box?

➤. Using the remote control, select the main page > settings > device preferences > reset.

How do you switch to mouse mode?

➤. Press the button on the right side of the remote control to switch.

What to do if there is a lag when watching DIGI Video?

➤. We need the following information from you: 1. Country/region, 2. Usage time, 3. Selected movie (channel/movie name), 4. Network operator, 5. Provide a photo of the device.
➤. I will send your information to the technical staff for follow-up and processing.

What interfaces do AV cables and microphones support?

➤. Only support 3.5mm specifications. Note: The latest 8P supports connecting to a Bluetooth microphone.

What should I do if there is no picture (black screen) or no sound (when there is a picture)?

➤. Unplug both ends of the HDMI cable and reconnect them, making sure the cable is plugged in tightly.
➤. Try a different HDMI port on the TV.
➤. Try a different HDMI cable.
➤. If none of the above methods solve the problem, please contact customer service for assistance.

How do I update the software on the DIGI TV box?

➤. Due to compatibility issues between hardware and software, we do not recommend that you update the software yourself. Updating software can be risky and can result in the device becoming unusable.
➤. If necessary, please contact customer service for assistance.

What is the method for manually installing software?

➤. Download the software to your computer, transfer it to a USB drive, connect the USB drive to the box, open the file manager, select the USB drive, select the APK file, and click install.

The DIGI TV box prompts for an update, but all attempts have failed.

➤. Go to the main menu > Settings > Device preferences > Reset (restore factory settings) > Clear all data > Then go to the update section > Network update.

What should I do if I see an Error 404 message?

➤. This message indicates that the device is not connected to the network. Please check your network connection.

Video playback on the DIGI TV box is very choppy, and many channels cannot be played.

➤. Please note which APK is being used and the channel number that is experiencing choppiness, and contact customer service for assistance.

How can I solve the problem of Apps crashing?

➤. Uninstall and "reinstall the corresponding software from the "App Store", or if the software is installed manually, reinstall the latest version of the software.

How do I adjust the resolution?

➤. Go to Settings > Display > HDMI output mode > Switch.

What should I do if the screen goes beyond the TV's range?

➤. Go to Settings > Display > Screen cropping.

After restoring to the factory settings, where can I download the software?

➤. You can download and install software from the "app store"; or you can download APKs from Google Play or the Android market.

What should I do if the program playback time is incorrect?

➤. Please go to the settings and adjust the time zone to the corresponding time zone.

What should I do if there is a flashing screen phenomenon?

➤. If there is a flashing screen after the loading screen when starting up, please contact customer service for reinstallation;
➤. If there is a continuous flashing blue screen after normal startup and entering the homepage without any operation, please contact customer service for reinstallation;
➤. If you click on anything (such as "Wonderful Movies and TV Shows") and it flashes and exits to the homepage, please restore the factory settings once.

What is DIGIBOX's after-sales policy? Is there an annual fee?

➤. The product is covered by a one-year warranty, with no annual fee and permanent free service. If you have any questions or problems with the box you purchased on this website, you can contact customer service for an after-sales consultation.
➤. For any usage problems, you can also add DIGI's official customer service or WeChat account at the bottom of the box for consultation. We are here to serve you together with official support!

What should I do if my TV box malfunctions or breaks down within the warranty period? Who can I ask for help?

Please rest assured that we provide complete after-sales service to our customers.
➤. If there is any abnormality when using the TV box within the one-year warranty period, you can contact us for assistance. For non-human-caused damage during the warranty period, if it is determined as a hardware failure by professional after-sales testing, we will replace it with a new machine free of charge.
➤. If there is human-caused damage during the warranty period or if the warranty has expired, we can also assist you in sending it back to the original factory for repair, and the service fee will be charged separately according to the damage condition.
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Can I still ask for your help with repair if my DIGI TV box is out of warranty?

➤. Yes, of course. You can contact us for assistance at any time during business hours.
➤. Repairing an out-of-warranty TV box will incur related inspection fees, and we will quote you based on the damage condition.

I bought a TV box from another DIGIBOX seller. Can you help me solve the problem?

➤. If there are software-related issues with the box, we can help you solve them;
➤. If there are hardware-related problems with the box, you need to contact the seller you purchased from or DIGI's professional after-sales service for assistance;
➤. We are only responsible for the DIGI TV boxes purchased in our store and are not responsible for those purchased outside of our store. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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