How to Hide Cable Box Behind TV?
By DIGIBox TV Box | 06 May 2024 | 0 Comments

How to Hide Cable Box Behind TV?

Hiding a cable tv box behind a TV can help declutter your entertainment setup and create a cleaner look. Here are a few methods you can try:

How to Hide Cable Box Behind Tv?
✅Mount the Cable Box Behind the TV: Use a mounting bracket or shelf designed specifically for holding a cable box. Mount it directly behind the black box TV, making sure it's securely attached to the wall. This method keeps the cable box out of sight while still allowing it to receive signals from the remote control.
✅Use Cable Concealers: Install cable concealers or raceways along the wall to hide the cables connecting the TV and the cable box. This method works best if your box to tv is wall-mounted, as it allows you to run the cables discreetly from the TV to the cable box without them being visible.
✅In-wall Wiring: If you're willing to do some more advanced DIY work, you can run the cables through the wall behind the TV and connect them to the cable box hidden in a recessed wall cavity. Be sure to follow safety guidelines and local building codes when working with in-wall wiring.
✅Wireless HDMI Kit: Consider using a wireless HDMI kit to transmit audio and video signals from your cable box to your TV without the need for cables running between them. This eliminates the need to physically hide the cable box behind the TV, as it can be placed elsewhere in the room.
✅Use Furniture: If your TV is sitting on a media console or TV stand, you can place the cable box inside one of the compartments or shelves of the furniture piece. Just make sure there's enough ventilation to prevent overheating.

Today we will talk about Mount the Cable Box Behind the TV:
1, You need to buy a cable box first, When you take it out of the box, you'll find it comes with some very good instructions that give you all the details and steps needed for installation. This model fits nicely into the wall, not just on it.
2, It has two sides: a 110-volt side separated from the low-voltage side. Remember, whenever dealing with low voltage, it must be completely separate from 110-volt voltage. This box has a nice divider to ensure that.
3, To install it, you'll bring up your cables from your 110-volt outlet, ensuring to keep the wires separate. The box comes with screws for attaching the outlet and a simple way to push wires in.
4, Before starting any wiring, always turn off the power to the circuit. You can use a lamp to check if there's still electricity in the circuit. It's advisable to have an electrician check if you're unsure.
5, Once the 110-volt is hooked up, you'll bring in your patch cords and other cables to connect to your TV. The excess cable can be managed using the provided clamps and tie wraps.
6, The box can be securely mounted to the wall using the included screws and legs that flip out once screwed in. Make sure to cut the hole in the drywall correctly and attach the bezel securely.
7, Overall, it's a great system for hiding cables and giving your setup a professional and neat look. If you're not confident in DIY, consider hiring a handyman or electrician to install it for you. Thanks for watching!

Whichever method you choose, make sure to consider factors like ventilation, remote control signal reception, and accessibility for maintenance when hiding your cable box behind the TV.
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