DIGIBox "CAT BACK" Function Compatibility Test
By DIGIBox TV Box | 06 February 2024 | 0 Comments

DIGIBox "CAT BACK" Function Compatibility Test

Boot the DIGI smart TV box. Enter the CAT BACK interface. There are six category wizards on the left. Click on the first category "Sport & LIVE TV" and a list of all sports channels will appear on the right for you to choose from. Press OK to click the selected channel, and the program preview interface will appear on the right. Press OK on the preview interface to watch the program in full screen and press the return key to exit the full screen.

The second category wizard RECOMMEND, this page will automatically recommend movies and TV series for you according to the "most recommended", "most popular" and "newest". The first row is the movies, and the second is the TV Series. There are also three functions: Search, History, and Favorite in the lower left corner, making it easier to find the programs you want to watch.

The third category "NEWEST" also recommends four movies and three TV series according to "most recommended", "most popular" and "newest" respectively.

The fourth category, MOVIES, recommends the seven most popular movies within seven days.

Click “All Movies” and more movies will appear. In this interface, you can classify and select movies that better suit your needs in the navigation column on the left, such as Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction, etc.

Select the movie you want to watch and a detailed description page about the movie will appear, such as introduction, director, stars, etc. Click "Play" to play. In addition, recommendations of the same type as the movie will appear at the bottom of the page, which is very user-friendly.

Apart from that, my favorite point is that we can choose the language subtitles while watching. Because the film sources in DigiBox are wealthy and come from all over the world. When we watch movies in other languages, we can switch to the language we are familiar with. It might not be available in every language, but it can meet most of our needs. This feature greatly improves our movie-watching experience!

We can even select audio tracks and set multiple speeds. Make our movie-watching experience freer and more arbitrary!

The fifth category, TV SERIES, recommends the seven most popular TV series within seven days(Same as MOVIES).

In general, the entire page of CAT BACK is very concise and clear, and the operation is also very simple and easy to understand. It is my favorite function. If you don’t have time to watch live shows, CAT BACK is a good choice for the DIGI TV Box.

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