DIGIBox D3 Plus: The Best Android Box for Unlimited International Streaming!
By DIGIBox TV Box | 15 June 2024 | 0 Comments

DIGIBox D3 Plus: The Best Android Box for Unlimited International Streaming!

Today, I'm excited to introduce you to a new Android box that has amazed me with its two key features, making the user experience incredibly practical and useful, especially for those who love having access to many apps without restrictions. Unlike the latest generation models, which often seem more limited, the DIGIBox D3 Plus offers a great compromise between hardware performance and a justified price.

Let's get into my full review of the DIGIBox D3 Plus WIFI TV Box to see if it’s really worth having one!

So here we are, this is the interface of the DIGIBox D3 Plus. The first interesting aspect I want to show you is the interface, which runs on Android 12. It comes with a very simple and ergonomic remote control that includes basic functions expected from a latest-generation remote. One extremely interesting feature is the virtual pointer, which is crucial for some applications.

At the top, you'll find a simplified menu that allows you to activate essential functions such as contacting Customer Service, conducting an internet speed test (this Android box is compatible with WiFi 6, and I suggest using a 5 GHz connection), and accessing online help. There’s also Self Starting Management, enabling the automatic launch of certain apps when the box starts, and Quick Set Launch for customizing the color buttons on the remote.

The remote also includes Bluetooth connectivity for external devices like keyboards, earphones, and headphones, as well as a memory cleaning function to keep your Android box running smoothly by clearing installation residues of APK packages.

Settings and Features
Here's a quick look at some key settings:

WiFi network settings
Remote control via smartphone
System updates
Language settings
(note: currently, Italian is not available)
File manager for managing audio and video files, especially useful for NAS or home network setups
Miracast for screen mirroring, which works excellently with Android devices
One notable negative is the absence of the Italian language. Hopefully, this will be added in future updates.

App Section
In addition to the simplified menu, the App section is impressive. The DIGIBox D3 Plus comes pre-installed with popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Store, and Google Browser. It also features a dedicated store with a wide variety of content. You can find additional apps like:

Aptoide TV
APK Time

Plus, the box supports apps for IPTV and VOD, offering access to thousands of streaming channels worldwide (Note: Due to privacy reasons, specific streaming content cannot be shown in detail).

The Dashboard allows you to insert and organize your favorite apps, ensuring a smooth and customizable user experience.

Hardware Specifications
Let's talk about the hardware:

4 GB of RAM
64 GB of storage
Four USB ports
H.265 video codec compatibility
LAN port
Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU
Android 12 with 6K HDR support
WiFi 6 compatibility

Physically, the DIGIBox D3 Plus is compact, with two antennas for better connection coverage, four USB ports, a microSD slot, two 3.5mm audio jacks, a LAN port, an optical power cable socket, and an HDMI output. It’s a very complete and well-designed product, providing excellent performance despite not being the cheapest option.

The DIGIBox D3 Plus might not be the cheapest Android TV box, but its performance, wide range of installable applications, and excellent hardware make it a fantastic choice for streaming enthusiasts.
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